Saturday, December 1, 2007

22 expat workers are seeking for immediate help

22 expat workers are seeking for immediate help
One of the company …………………., 20 – 22 people were there without food and job since one month. Among 22, three of them have come before 19 months, one before 15 months and rest has come before 12 months to work in Juber Company.
Mitery volunteer Seema Gurung with the expat workers
Their job was Mason and salary 800 QR. monthly as per their agreement /contract paper signed and promised by their agent in Nepal. But when they landed in Doha airport nobody from the company came to received them. They waited for 2 days hoping to see someone from the company to pick them from airport but none of them come. They passed two days and night without food and water. Later one of the guy from the group able to call his relatives in Doha. He came to pick them up in airport on the third day of arrival. He helped them to shelter and find the company. Later after one month they were able to find the company and joined. Then they started to work, after three months passed they didn’t get any salary and Resident Permit. Only three of them have got their resident permit. The most important thing is that still they have not got their Resident Permit from the company. 3 of them who have got the Resident Permit, their R.P. date also expired before seven months. It is not renewed. They were told that the company holds the salary of 3 months of each worker as a deposit. After the fourth month of their work they got salary for the first time but less than the contract paper. The company paid them only 550 QR. instead of 800. They were working smoothly even though they get Resident Permit; get less salary, no medical facilities etc. But before few months the company has not paid them salary of 3 months. Their salary of starting 3 months is already balance in the company and now also they were not paid for three months. Altogether their balance due salary in the company is of 6 months. There is no food allowances and medical treatment from the company.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Bishnu Kumar Thebe

Name: Bishnu Kumar Thebe
Address: Sinam – 6, Dadaghau, Taplejung, Nepal
First of Good morning to all the members of Mitery Club.
Facing countless very difficult situations, poor condition of my family on the way to find solution, I decided to bring myself Qatar for certain period of time to make certain money to help my family.
I was a student at the time. I applied visa for the post of storekeeper through one of my relative in Qatar. After waiting about 6 months he sent visa for me. I was very happy when I got it, my family prepared me to leave for Doha. On 2006 I left for Qatar leaving my family and beautiful motherland with lots of sweet dreams and hopes.
The man who sent me visa had come to received me in the airport. He took me to the company accommodation on the same day. From the next day I joined my duty. I was here to work as a storekeeper as I signed in the contract and told by my relative. But when I joined my duty the company foreman asked me to work as a labour. I had no any option accept to follow him. So I continued my duty as a labour. As the days were passing later after few months the foreman compelled us (all the workers) to work 12 / 13 hrs per day without overtime pay. The duty hour was irregular. The company management also used to do partiality among the workers. They never treated us as a human being. I was not paid monthly salary on time which was 500 QR. They used to give not only physical but also mentally harassment. So I was mentally very sad and tired rather then physically. There was no way I could do so one day I escaped from the company.
I left the company but I was unknown where to go and how to survive. I was wandering here and there in the street in search of (food and water) help if anybody could help me. I had no food and water for several days. I begged help to some Nepali friends; they collected some money and food for me. In this way hardly I passed one month.
One morning I read news in Rajdhani Saptahik (Nepali Weekly Magazine). It was written that there’s a Shelter House for abandoned people run by Mitery Club named Mitery Kunja. As soon as I read it I contacted to the number given in the news . Somebody received the call I asked him about the detail information

Thursday, November 8, 2007

7th Nov 2007
On 15th of October we had been in Sanaiya Street No. 38 as we already updated to you about the 200 expat workers problem. Where some of our donors and well wishers visited along with us delivering huge amount of food stuffs, tankers of water for a week. As they updated me everyday, their problems are also in the same condition like before. There has no been progress and solve.
7th November
Doha Qatar
Today is 15th day of the 17 people sheltered in Nepalese Embassy with some hope to return their homeland safely. But it’s so sad that till date there isn’t any progress in their process. There’s no any changes at all. So still they are having shelter in the Embassy with hope.
7th Nov 2007
Doha Qatar
13 people are asking for rescue
This morning we got a call from one of the company of Rayyan Doha, Qatar. 13 people were asking for immediate help. They have no food, water and other basic things since few days. They have not paid by the company for six month. They are really in need of help. Immediate we can help them by giving food and water which is essential to live. We have seen most of labor problems in Qatar but now we show different peoples problem. When we born there is problems around the world but we are the people who can solve not at all but few, and I do believe we can make it happen together.
Please give hand for humanitarian service in this.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Chandra Bahadur B.K.

Name: Chandra Bahadur B.K.
Date of Birth: 20-06-1968
Address: Dhitung V.D.C., Khotang, Sagarmatha, Nepal
Father’s Name: Bir Bahadur B.K.
Mother’s Name: Narmaya B.K.
Spouse’s Name: Lila Kumari B.K.
Education: Class 7
Pass Port Number: 2674804

We are five children of our parents. I am the youngest son of the family. My elder brothers Gajurman B.K and Sadarman B.K, lives in our main home, with our two sisters. I live separately with my wife and 3 children, in our small house with hay roof. I have taken some rice field in lease, as we don’t have our own land for growing rice. In return we give half of the crop to the owner as payment.

Wishing to have a happy family isn’t sufficient. Just feeding them is not enough. We always need to be financially ready, in case of emergencies. Due to the low financial profile, I went Darjeeling of India to earn money. There I stayed for sometime and earned some money. Later on 2000 A.D. I went to Malaysia. During 4 years of stay in Malaysia, I sent my earning of 5600 Ringets (approx. 5600 QR) through my room partner name Rahar Man Rai at home. He assured me that he’ll take the money to my home. I believed him, but he never gave the money to my family. Since than, I have never heard from him.

I went back to Nepal and convinced my wife about the situation I had. Later, I came to Qatar with the help of a relative’s brother, who was running Ocean Manpower. Taking a loan of NRs 80,000, I applied for a job of cleaner in a reputed cleaning company of Qatar as the Ocean Manpower promised me. I left my home towards Qatar. I landed on Qatar on 2006 May 7, but nobody from the particular employer comes to receive me at the airport. After 2 days of staying at the Airport without foods, I hardly managed to call one of my relatives. He helped me to find my company. There in the Company, I didn’t get the job what I was supposed to get according to my agreement paper. I called my agent in Nepal and he convinces me telling that he’ll send Kumar Rai to manage everything. But until now, nobody has arrived in reference to the Manpower Agency.

The Ocean Manpower Agency, Nepal has totally devastated our life. Now at present we neither have the legal papers to work with another company nor can we leave the country. Even our passports are with the company that has runaway without paying my 4 months salary. After the company left us, for 15 days, we were without Lodging and Fooding. With the help of Embassy of Nepal here at Qatar, we appeal at the labour court for relief.

Now I’m waiting for the opportunity of getting my passport back and working here in another company to pay my loan back. After that, I want to stay in my own country what ever comes in life. Rest, up to the God.

Chandra Bahadur B.K
21 Dec 2006

Mahesh B.K.

Name: Mahesh B.K.
Date of Birth: 14-03-1986
Address: Yakha V.D.C.- 5, Risuwa, Khotang, Nepal
Father’s Name: Nirkumar B.K.
Mother’s Name: Kopila B.K.

We are a family of seven. Altogether, with my parents, 4 brothers and a sister, we live in Khotang district of Nepal. I am the eldest son therefore the head of the family, at present, while my father is still working in Saudi Arabia as a carpenter. 2 of my brothers’ study in the village school in class 6 and 4 where as my sister studies in class 3. The youngest brother is still an infant. We are farmers by profession.

I belong to the so called low caste “Dalit” family. Therefore we are looked down by the so called high caste families, and are treated as if we are animals. We need to avoid touching water and the road they use. Though at present it is illegal to treat people like that in Nepal, and is mentioned that every caste are equal. In our village it is still not in practice and we are treated as we were treated before. We grow enough food ourselves from our land, but financially we are still poor. The Maoists had asked donations, making the reason of my father having a job is foreign land. But we didn’t have that much capacity. I decided to work in other country for the benefit of my family and my own.

I have studied until grade 3 and had started to do the farmer job in absence of my father. I am not skilled in any trade therefore it was not possible to get a good job and earn enough to help my family. Due to this reason, I left my homeland to work as a cleaner in this desert land, in hope of earning good salary. For this I obtained help from Ocean Overseas, which had published an advertisement, of a cleaner job in a reputed company in Qatar with good salary. I paid 80,000 rupees (nearly 4500 QR.) to the manpower and flew for Qatar, in dream of good future. I was in dismay, when no body from my company came to receive me. I was nearly depressed, seeing no possibility of being received by the said company and remained in miserable state for 3 days without food in the airport. After those 3 miserable days, one of our family relative showed up at the airport, and with his help I got a labour job in Al Sakia building and Construction Company. There I experienced and understood the poor salary structure, food and the job itself. Nothing was good there.

Having no other option, I worked there for 9 continue months. I had to leave the company, because the company collapsed. I received only one month salary from the company though my employment in the company was for 9 months duration.

I would like to return home and start my own business in Nepal, how ever it may be small, but I would be happy there.

-------------***--------------***---------------***----------------***------------------***--------if you wants to help me and my family
Email :

17 people are asking for rescue

5th November
Doha Qatar
Today is 13th day of we sheltered in Nepalese embassy till today nothing changes , with some hope we are waiting for returning our country
23 October Tuesday
Doha Qatar
17 people are asking for rescue
One of reputed sports club gives mentally and physically harassments to the 17 Nepalese work forces they used to do job as a karate teacher and other sports teacher, office boy cleaner. They are in need of help. They have complained in Nepal Embassy, Labor department, by law according to embassy source no one people can stay inside embassy or any other shelter. We have seen most of labor problems in Qatar but now we show different peoples problem. when we born there is problems around the world but , we are the people who can solve not all but few , and I do believe we cam make it happen together they arrive here since five month with out expats work force no one can imagine today’s Qatar and tomorrow Qatar
Cause why they are seeking help
1. Mentally and physically harassments every day
2. No food
3. No salary on time
4. Sponsor physically bite every day and use dirty words
5. No water in resident
Their demand
Some peoples they want to work if they got sponsorship change some of them want to go home back

What we can do for them we can give hand for, basic needs (tooth paste, towel, shop, shampoo, mineral water)
Transportation money to go every day embassy, human right, labor department, labor court and other concern authority

forther more information
email :